Hurdle of Away Divisional Round Game: History does not favor Seahawks.

Loss of 2nd seed which is now likely scenario after Saturday, brings Seahawks to a tough situation. Not having a home path to NFL Championship has been a tough hurdle for Seahawks, which so far, looking at history, they have not been able to overcome.

I looked at the last 10 years of history (see table below). It spans current PC-JS regime and before. In these 10 years, Seahawks have qualified for 7 times for playoffs. Of these 7 seasons, twice they had straight Home path, they went on to the Superbowl. For other 5 times when they had to go on the road for Divisional rounds- they lost every time.

Year      Wildcard Round              Divisional Playoff

2015     W (Away)                         L (Away)

2014     W(Home)                         W (Home) – Went to SuperBowl

2013     W(Home)                         W (Home) – Went to SuperBowl

2012     W (Away)                         L (Away)

2011     Did not qualify                –

2010     W (Home)                        L (Away)

2009     Did not qualify                –

2008     Did not qualify                –

2007     W (Home)                        L (Away)

2006     W (Home)                        L (Away)

Seahawks are a wild team and I won’t be a bit surprised if they buck this trend. However, history is not on their side.

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